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If you wish, you can prepay your trip over the phone by credit card or in person at our office. All our prices include H.S.T.

Alternatively if your prefer, simply pay the driver when you travel: -  in cash or credit card.

The estimate below is for a one-way ride, based on the number of passengers for pickup or drop-off at a single location.

If you have more complex requirements, for example to to arrange pickups/drop-offs at multiples addresses, please call our reservation agents and they will help you

Additional Charges

The basic fare includes one piece of checked baggage, plus one carry on bag each. Additional bags are charged at $5.00 each.

Please Note

Space is limited on our vehicles.  When scheduling our pickups, we must also consider that some passengers may be allergic to animals.  If you have special requirements, are taking oversize baggage, or are transporting an animal, please call our reservation agents and discuss your needs.  We will make every effort to accommodate.

All our vehicles are non-smoking.

Price Estimate

Number of Passengers:

Pickup / Drop-off Point:



Note that our prices are subject to change. Please call one of our agents to obtain a confirmed price.